As I currently write this article because of the corona virus issue, the world is on lockdown. I’ve never seen a situation where the world has literally come to a standstill. Do you know through the current problems and obstacles, new future possibilities and opportunities can be discovered, discussed and then delivered?

When I mention the era of creative distinction, people automatically think I’m speaking about new technology, AI, blockchain, 5G etc etc. Yes, we will see the exponential rise of tech based solutions but I’m convinced beyond reasonable doubt that we will also see more people becoming creative in nature and results.

Leadership & Creativity

How can we become more creative? The first step is to understand the essence of cutting edge leadership. From my message of Cutting Edge Distinction I penned the following „Distinction in leadership isn’t about me, myself and I, distinction in leadership is about him, her and them„. Speaking from experience, I found out the more I’m people focused, the more creative I become in regards of thinking out of the box and looking for collaborative solutions.

In 2016 I penned the following „Leadership isn’t about age but rather, leadership is about influence, impact and inspiration„. In this new decade, the era of creative distinction, with the global shift and a new way of doing things, to lead in the 2020’s and beyond will mean having the ability to first positively  influence, impact and inspire yourself knowing there are many in a worst off position than you and they are looking for a beacon of light and hope, that can actually be you.

The three C’s of creative Leadership

Another way to lead with distinction in the 2020’s and even beyond is to understand and apply the essence of creative leadership. In 2018 I created the 3 C’s of creative leadership which are critical thinking, collaborative thinking  and creative thinking. An example of collaborative thinking is if for example you have a small team/office, every week you can have a creative and brainstorming day on how to become more productive. The ideas then can be read out and mixed and matched which can result in various tangible solutions. That way, everyone’s input can be part of the creative decision making.

In my opinion we are living in extremely interesting but exciting times. The way we do business, education, work, gatherings and sports has changed so as leaders we also need to change our thinking from having a fixed mindset to a state of mind which is legacy minded.

Every year I give the 12 months a particular title. In 2018 I called it ‚The Year of Cutting Edge Distinction‘. 2019 was ‚The Year of Global Distinction‘. 2020? I’ve called it ‚The Year of Legacy Distinction‘. When speaking to audiences around the world and coaching clients I always share one of my favourite quotes „do you know you don’t have to be dead to leave a legacy?“.

I believe now is the time for you to live your legacy and leave your legacy, why?The possibilities and opportunities to lead with your creative distinction in the 2020’s and beyond are actually endless.


About the author 

Onyi Anyado is a UK based global leadership speaker, futurist and corporate trainer. From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi trains and coaches leaders on how to locate, leverage and lead with their distinction in their chosen field and in the global market which is now local. Onyi has spoken and trained employees and leaders in countries such as Canada, Norway and Portugal.

Onyi’s legacy is titled From Detention to Distinction which he uses as a point of reference, hope and direction.