Jeff Turner has been working in the Learning and Development arena for the past 20 years.  During this time, he has worked with Lloyds Bank, Bank of Ireland, AOL, O2 and has been in Facebook for the past 7 years and now runs the International Learning and Development function.

Jeff’s key philosophies about learning and development are:

  • Learning happens best when you are outside of your comfort zone, doing something you are passionate about and have the right level of support. Help people to volunteer to do these activities.
  • The role of L&D is to connect those who have something to teach with those who are ready to learn.
  • Your managers and leaders trump your brand, help build great ones.

In his keynote at HR Inside Summit Jeff will give us 12 reasons that made Facebook the most extraordinary place to work – for him personally.

  1. Facebook has won many awards in the past for being a great place to work. Glassdoor Best Places to Work results :2018 (#1), 2017 (#2), 2016 (#5), 2015 (#13), 2014 (#5), 2013 (#1), 2012 (#3), 2011 (#1)
  2. Culture – the sum of the hundreds of thousands of decisions people make everyday
  3. Guided by our Values: Be Bold, Be open, Focus on impact, Move fast, Build social value. – but that’s not it!
  4. The office space in which we work – but that’s not it! – any company can have food or a good building (Pictures of the space, The food, The vending machines)
  5. Ownership “This is now your company”Orientation, Leader participation, Imposter syndrome, Neutrality is not acceptable
  6.  Freedom Orna’s story
  7. Authenticity: Be yourself, Friends on Facebook, Dress code
  8. Managers: Dual career tracks and the 157 who moved in 2011, Managers trump the brand,  Manager behaviours
  9. Feedback: Crucial conversations/Fast feedback, The right conversation with the wrong person. Asking for feedback rather than waiting to get it
  10. Diversity: Bias, Inclusion, Hiring
  11. Strengths: Passions and not performance is the most important, Cross referencing pulse/PSC and what did it tell us
  12. Fear, failure and learning

Get your Ticket and meet Jeff at HR Inside Summit 2019, 09th and 10th of October, Hofburg Vienna.

Jeff has a Master’s Degree in Performance Management from Leicester University and was on the Board of the International Coaching Federation, Ireland Chapter. Jeff is originally from the UK and now living in Ireland, is married to Helen with a son and 2 daughters.