Today´s expectations of a work environment is changing drastically due to many factors such as:

● Post pandemic expectations for more hybrid work environments
● Gen Y and Z´s expectations of more flexibility and ability to work remotely
● Desire for shorter work weeks
● Digitalisation & AI,VR
● Fast changing and often unstable market

These factors and more are changing / have changed the expectations and positioning of the People (HR) team/s in companies. In our opinion, there has never been such a time of opportunity for People (HR) teams to be truly seen as valued and trusted People (HR) Business Partners and Experts. The first step in delivering on this expectation is to develop and deliver a first class, business relevant and sustainable People (HR) Strategy. But where does one start when there are so many topics that are all perceived as critical, important and urgent?

So, where should you start? There are many ways we can do this very effectively:

● Clear purpose: As the very first step, ensure you and your people team are 100% aligned on what your (People (HR) Function´s) purpose and promise to the business is.

● Automate, automate, automate – so much of the operative and administrative People (HR) tasks can now be automated, leaving more time for People (HR) teams to focus on the people & culture topics.

● HR Data, analytics – using data and analytics can help with prioritising what makes sense for the business now and in the future = providing valuable input for a People (HR) Strategy that is truly relevant to the business Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy and helps prioritise People Projects according to the business needs.

● Agile for HR – agile methodologies are super valuable in prioritising what and when in a People (HR) Strategy, especially focusing on an incremental approach = taking away that overwhelming feeling of ´how can we get all this done?´ or ´where do we start?´

Let´s all use the various tools and resources that are available plus learn from each other to provide the best People (HR) Strategies and demonstrate to the business the true value of this function and to enable and support the business rather than force HR topics that companies don’t see as business relevant.

Mehr zu diesem Thema erfährt du in der Session von Liz und Maria am HR Inside Summit 2023 in der Hofburg Vienna.

Über die Autorinnen


Maria has worked as a HR Generalist for 10+ years in different industries and companies such as bwin, Shell and Start Up. She is passionate about all people topics
along the employee life cycle. Based on her studies in Organizational Development her aim is to create an environment in which the business can sustainable develop to gain a win-win-win situation for the organisation-the team- the individuum.



Liz has worked as a HR Professional in Australia, London & Vienna where her work and responsibilities spanned across Asia Pacific, EMEA and Europe. From having the opportunity to work across many industries, size and stages of companies from Ernst & Young to Start Up, she brings a high level of experience and strengths to all topics around Organizational, Leadership & Team Development, Strategy, Culture, Coaching & Transformational Change.